The Vegetarian Decision

The Vegetarian Decision:
I’ve been in the process of “becoming a vegetarian” for a long time. I’ve been going 90 percent or 95 percent but I haven’t committed fully to the process. I’ve been eating mostly fruits and vegetables for years, eating vegetarian during the week and meat on weekends, or eating vegetarian at home and meat when I go out with my friends, or having big vegetable plates with crumbles of chicken for “flavor” but I haven’t really decided to become a vegetarian. The decision. It’s all in the decision.
The Reasons:
Last night, I think I finally made that decision. Because….
1. I read once that when animals are killed in violent ways, that they pass that violent experience to us when we eat meat. I’ve experienced that in my dreams and I don’t want to ever have that happen to me again. Stupid, violent dreams, that wake me up in the middle of the night. That happened last night. For the last time, I’ve decided.
2. That heavy feeling in my stomach after eating a meat-filled meal, that lasts for hours, even when you think you should be ready to eat again. I don’t get that when I don’t eat meat. That heavy feeling that lasted until this morning, happens today for the last time, I’ve decided.
3. It’s the right thing to do for me, and for right now. When I go to Jamaica to see my family, my mom is going to prepare me some delicious meat dishes and I will enjoy them. She makes the best curried goat and mannish water EVER! And if I experience negative reactions, it will be a small price to pay for a fantastic meal. But right here, right now, there is no meat dish that is worth the suffering I’ve gone through. Being a vegetarian today is what I’ve decided.
The Caveat:
Vegetarianism means something different to different people. I will NEVER become a vegetarian snob.

Even if I never eat meat again, I will never think that I am better than people who do. We all have our own decisions to make on what is right for us. Food is meant to be nutritious and to be enjoyed – eating shouldn’t be a chore. Food shouldn’t be a badge that says I’m special or you’re not. What you choose to eat should not be a way to feel superior or inferior. I’m not telling everyone to throw out the food in the fridge and do what I am doing. Your decision, if you choose to make it, has to be made when it’s right for you.
The Support:
I just stopped writing to tell a friend about my decision and my reasons. I don’t expect people to agree. Or even to understand. Most people won’t believe you when you just start out doing something. I know that! But I also know that the first and strongest supporter of my decision has to be me.

I am very excited about meal planning today but I’ll go slow and save my updates for my next “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Or follow my Instagram at karen_runwright if you want to just show me some love and support.
Thanks! Have a great day and whatever you do, Eat Right, Live Right and RUNWRIGHT.

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  1. How awesome! Best of luck on your journey.


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks. I’ll be looking at your blog for more inspiration.


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