Five Things Friday

Happy Fourth of July. As an immigrant, this is not my original Independence day but I love 4th of July to celebrate the wonderfulness that is America because it is my adopted home. To celebrate, I am linking up with Clare at the Fitting It All In blog and all the other bloggers she hosts for a Five Things Friday link-up.


This is my first time doing this so I hope it goes well.

Five Things I Ate This Week
1. This stewed beef that was my last meat dish.
I decided to be a vegetarian the next day. Read about the vegetarian decision here.
2. This is the delicious vegetarian baked beans I replaced it with the next night.

3. This delicious summer salad.

4. Avocado topped yellow cake. Delicious!

5. Lots of cherries. I love all the great fruit I can eat fresh in summer.


Five Running Things I Did This Week
1. I did a 5 mile run/walk with my friends. We did a 2.5 mile run to visit a family in Queens and then ran/walked/went sightseeing on the way back. Saw this funny Chinese restaurant sign. Wonder what’s so wonderful about this place.

2. I ran 3 miles on Sunday.
3. And another 2.2 miles on Tuesday evening… but I really wanted to get 2.5 miles on my watch so I ran around the block, hard, until I finished 2.5. The sweat was pouring out of my face and soaking my shirt when I was done.
4. I stocked up on bananas, Coconut water, Gatorade and Powerade for my post-run refueling.

I sweat a lot when I run and in general during hot weather and I want to be sure I am replenishing the electrolytes I am losing.
5. Core exercises, because a stronger core makes running easier. I sprained my right wrist a long time ago so I usually avoid push-ups but I’ve trying to do planks and push-ups more consistently.

Five Things I Love About July 4th This Year
1. Red, white and blue everywhere
2. Everybody hosts a BBQ
3. The weather is usually wonderful. This year, there is an impending storm, Arthur, but right now, it’s still nice outside where I am.
4. Even with the rain, the World Cup quarterfinal games are on today so I don’t mind being home all day instead of going to the annual picnic, that got cancelled because of the impending storm.

5. Thinking about making delicious vegetarian food is making me hungry all the time 🙂

Five Reasons I Am Looking Forward To Next Week
1. Teaching my leadership students on Monday. I volunteer but it’s so rewarding, I would pay for the opportunity to teach them.
2. My first camping trip that starts on Thursday. Call me crazy but I actually do like zipping into my sleeping bag and going to “bed” in a tent, with just a piece of canvas between me and the starry sky.

Campingwilderness camping

3. Going running in a new place – I plan to get up early and get in a couple miles before the camping schedule begins.
4. Vegetarianism is bound to get easier with every passing day. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.
5. Delivery of some stuff I ordered – new business cards, copies of a book I self-published, items for our camp. Details on all that later (you’ll just have to keep reading the blog to hear more)

So this was my first Five Things link up. Please let me know what you thought. Hope you have a great weekend where you Eat Right, Live Right, RUNWRIGHT, but before you go, please share…

What five things are making you excited?

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  1. Melissa says:

    Yay camping! Have a great time!


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