Balance Is Everything

Balance is everything. Too much workout and you get burned out. Not enough to do and you feel bored. Balance is everything.

I’ve run too much. When I do, my body feels drained, I feel like I am too hot, I’ve lost too much hydration and I’m too hungry.
I’ve also gone weeks where I didn’t run enough. I’d have a good solid run on Sunday and then not be able to get back out until Thursday or Friday and at that second run, I struggle. My feet act like they don’t know where to go. I feel like I can’t get enough oxygen. After just a few minutes of running, I feel like I’m at the last leg of the Badwater Ultra-marathon or running over even the slightest incline feels like I am running up the Blue Mountain (the highest mountain in Jamaica). That’s when I know I haven’t been running often enough.
Balance is everything.

I am all for the running streak (Read about the MODRUN here). I totally endorse and encourage pushing yourself and seeing what you can do but you have to listen to your body. You shouldn’t feel tired ALL the time. You shouldn’t feel like your entire body hurts ALL the time. you shouldn’t feel empty ALL the time. If you do, then you’re probably doing too much and you need to dial it back down a few notches. It’s ok to take it slowly. Strive to do YOUR best, not what someone else thinks you should do.
As a runner, you have to be patient and give yourself time to improve. Try to get a little better everyday. Most Marathon training plans suggest that you increase your mileage slowly and gradually, adding no more than one tenth of the previous weeks total. So if you ran 10 miles this week, add no more than one tenth (1 mile) the next week. Give yourself all the time you need. This is why before you start training for a marathon, the experts recommend that you have a solid running base of a few miles a few times per week. Going from running 2 miles twice a week to running 4 miles four or five times a week in one step is probably too much too fast.
One of my favorite college professors used to say, “Be kind to yourself.”
You have all the time in the world to reach your goals. Be kind to yourself getting there. If you want to walk in high places and reach lofty goals, balance is everything.


Eat Right, Live Right, RUNWRIGHT!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mummy Wright says:

    I totally agree- balance is EVERYTHING.


  2. Absolutely spot on. I’m slowly beginning to learn this. 🙂


    1. runwright says:

      Thank you. Unfortunately, it’s a lesson it takes most of us a long time and a slew of bad experiences to learn. Sometimes, we have to endure the negative repercussions before we learn to take it easy. Thankfully, our bodies are resilient and forgiving and always give us an opportunity to do the right thing next time.


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