After All That, A 5K Run

Sunday was a busy day for me. Sundays have always been busy days for me. As a Seventh day Adventist, we go to church on Saturday so Sunday is our weekend work day. The youth group that I lead at church meets on Sunday mornings so most Sundays see me doing last minute preparation for that. This Sunday was no different. I wanted to get some supplies so we could practice knots and furniture building so I headed to Home Depot at 8:30 on Sunday morning. I learned not to be fooled by the early opening time. Even though the store opens at 8:00 a.m., there is almost no one to help you. I was buying wood strips that I needed cut. I had to select the lumber myself from a shelf that was taller than me, drag it to pay for it and then drag it back to the cutting center and walk around to find someone who authorized to use the saw. Then, when was done and I had 12 strips of wood cut into 34 pieces, I had to tie them up myself with string. I am capable of doing it. I just didn’t want to!
When I finally met up with my kids, we walked to the park with the wood and rope to work on making camp furniture. We have our big camporee in August and we are working on making furniture using just wood and rope. Yesterday, we started building a table. We have a month to perfect our techniques.

Then our resident Medic went through some of the basics of first aid – splinting a broken limb, stopping the bleeding on a head wound. After church on Saturday, one of the ladies in our group fell outside and dislocated her ankle and it scared me. What if something like that happened to us when we were out, would we have the presence of mind to secure the limb so we could take the person to get help? It’s not enough to have taken a First Aid/CPR course sometime in the past. You have to constantly be practicing and be ready to do what needs to be done.
After that, I went to the garden and fertilized and watered the plants and made a stunning discovery. The basil plants are tomatoes. Huh? I think the labels I’d put on the rows got switched. When they were baby plants, they all looked alike. Green. Now that they are growing, it’s evident, I have two rows of tomatoes and apparently the basil row didn’t germinate. This garden is getting more interesting by the minute.

At the end of the day, I was beat. Tired from everything but a little restless. So at 8:00, before the sun went down, I ran a 5K. – 3.1 miles in 33 minutes. I ran and walked. It was supposed to be cooling down but I was sweating like nobody’s business and even if it was a slow time, parts of it were fast and others slow. And when I was done, I finally felt accomplished.
Another good day.
This is what a vegetarian picnic plate looks like (picture from lunch on Saturday at our campsite)

It’s been 4 dates but I feel like my body is already adjusting to vegetarianism. I passed by so many BBQs and cookouts and picnics yesterday – in the park and again while I was running. The smell of meat was almost always the first thing that let me know an event was happening. And I didn’t feel cravings. Or even feel hungry. When I came home and had my vegetarian beans, I was just as happy.
Eat Right, Live Right, RUNWRIGHT.

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