Weekend Memories From The Campsite

I spent an absolutely wonderful weekend camping. I love living in New York City with all the modernity that the city has to offer but I also love taking time to return to the simple life like …
Going outdoors and observing nature

Finding edible wild plants

Taking time to count the stars and watch the moon as it seems to travel across the sky.

Building a fire for survival of the group – for all our heat and light and food

Simple meals




Seeing what you can do with what you know… Like this bridge that we made just by tying knots

Working with your hands


Building camaraderie by sharing those experiences with others


Getting dirty and not minding it at all


I didn’t get a chance to run this weekend but hiking Saturday and Sunday and chasing mosquitoes away was enough of a workout…
… Although maybe I didn’t work hard enough. I got so many mosquito bites. 14 bites just on my face, plus on my hands and around my ankles. I am usually so careful with covering up but we were by the lake and these mosquitoes were vicious. And apparently they didn’t know they were supposed to stay away from our repellent.
But bug-bitten as I was and tired as I was, I enjoyed every minute of it. And in a few weeks, I get to do it all over again.

Camping is a big part of how I live right… Eat Right, Live Right, RUNWRIGHT
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What is your best weekend memory?

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