Does Having Fun With Friends Count As Cross Training?

This weekend, we had our annual church picnic and this time we went to Holiday Hills in Connecticut.
I was tired going into the weekend because of all I did on Friday, and because I had topped off Friday by running 5.5 miles.

Sunday was all about having fun, and fitting in as much fun stuff into a limited window of time. The venue is about 2 hours drive away so we got there at about 10:30 and had breakfast.

Then it was off to explore the property. I’ve been to Holiday Hills a few times before, once a year for the past 3 years, but always with new people and so it’s always a different kind of experience.
We did canoeing/row boating – arm strength training

Played beach volleyball, Played badminton, Did free throws on the basketball court – leg strength, coordination, arm strength, team work


Played miniature golf, tried rock climbing – total body workout on the rock wall

Went to the pool – another total body workout. I even tried to mimic running and biking movements in the pool.


And ate lots of delicious food – refueling is an important part of any workout




I even had some cotton candy – must maintain high energy levels 

But with all the fun I was having, I wonder does this kind of exercise count as cross training? I’d take this over the gym any day of the week as a way to live right.
Eat Right, Live Right, RUNWRIGHT!

I am linking up this post with Dateless in Dallas. When you’re done here, check her out too.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. There is nothing better than having fun and getting a good workout in! That food looked delicious btw!


    1. runwright says:

      It was. And that’s just a part. Please come back Wednesday when I do my WIAW post (better yet, follow the blog. I have some interesting posts this week). Thanks for commenting


  2. Mummy Wright says:

    Sounds like an awful lot of FUN. Go Girl!


    1. runwright says:

      It was a lot of fun. Doing all those activities one after the other sure made it exciting


  3. Mummy Wright says:

    Rock Climbing? Not for me, But the food, Sure looked GOOD!


    1. runwright says:

      There’s a harness attached to you so it’s not so scary but the little rocks for you to hold on are so small! That’s probably the hardest part of it


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