It’s Like Riding A Bike – You Never Forget

I’m back on the bike. Last year this time, I had already done the 5 Boro bike tour and was getting ready for the early fall rides. This year, despite my goal to ride 500 miles during the season, my bike had been collecting dust in the corner. Today, that all changed. I was about to go running solo but I’ve been wanting to hang out with my friend Samantha so I called to see if she was up to a workout. She doesn’t like to run but she runs with me sometimes just to appease me, so my compromise is that suggesting other workouts. She said she was up for anything but preferably a bike ride although her tires needed air. When I checked mine, they were so empty, the only reason they weren’t flat on the ground was probably because the bike is so light.
So I put on my cycling clothes – a random biking jersey and the padded shorts that look like I’m wearing an adult diaper. Not having ridden a bike in a long time, my butt needs time to adjust to the seat. Padding is necessary!
I got clip-in cycling shoes last year and used them enough to wear them comfortably…. last year. Today, I didn’t feel confident enough to use them so I wore my regular Nike sneakers.
We met up and went to Larry’s Cycling Shop on 110 Street by the entrance to Central Park, to use their pump, and Larry himself came to chat with us, made sure we were inflating the tires sufficiently – we weren’t. I am supposed to know how to do the most basic of bike maintenance but I’ve always had help when I ride with the boys. Today, Larry saw that I needed his input and he was so nice about it. He even took the pump from me and finished the job. I’ve met him before – I actually bought my pedals from this same store last year – and he’s so personable, even though there’s no charge to get air, his attitude and energy made me want to buy something. I didn’t. But I’ll be back to get some bike stuff soon. I could always use some new bike lights… Or something.

We only rode one lap of the park loop. I was so excited I forgot to turn on my app to track the mileage but the loop is 6 miles which means I rode about 8 miles total before I got home.
Even though it was such a short ride, my saddle needs a little time to adjust. I’ll probably be a little too sore to ride again tomorrow but I had a great time and it’s likely that I won’t be able to wait past Wednesday for my next ride.
And back to running tomorrow. I’ve been planning to check out the November Project group that runs in the city. Maybe I can be up early enough to join them. Otherwise, my plan is to get in a solid 5 miles early tomorrow. Update: just found out that the Nov Project run is on Wed morning at 6:28. So I’m putting that on the agenda for Wednesday. Running with friends, or kind strangers, is a good way to live right.
Eat Right, Live Right, RUNWRIGHT!

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