Top Tips For Running In Warm Weather

Tuesday morning, I had planned to run 5 miles. It almost didn’t happen because:
A. I woke up later than I had planned
B. Before I went outside, I made the mistake of checking my emails and I got busy answering something that seemed urgent.
C. That combination meant I didn’t get out until the sun was way up and hot. Scary!
It scared me because I don’t like running in the sun but I knew I wouldn’t have the time to run in the evening because I’m teaching in the afternoon. So I pushed through.
I ran slow because I wanted the distance, not necessarily the time. I ran to Central Park and stopped at every water fountain I saw, to drink a gulp or splash some on my face and neck. After a run around the reservoir where I paused for selfies and to rest under the shade


At 3.7 miles, I felt like that was it. I started worrying that the weather was too warm and that maybe I was pushing myself too much. So I stopped the app and started walking. It was hot and I felt like maybe It was too much for me today and maybe I could run some more later. But after a couple minutes of walking, I realized that because I was about 2.5 miles away from home, it would take me a long time to walk home so I’d end up being outside for a lot longer without eating. That was enough motivation to get going again.
I restarted the app and chugged it out, and ran home. When I exited the park, I stayed on Frederick Douglass Blvd and made sure to run on the east side of the street so I was mostly in the shade of the buildings. So that worked out.
When I stopped at the corner, I bought myself a pack of M&Ms as a reward.

So, I ran a total of 5.8 miles in an hour, which I’m pretty proud of.


So my top tips for running in warm weather
1. Wear a hat or visor to keep the sun off your face
2. Running clothes made of wicking material will keep you more comfortable than cotton T-shirts
3. Drink water often. Plan your runs around a park with adequate water fountains or bring water with you.
4. Run in the shade – trees or in the shade from tall buildings.
5. Listen to your body and stop running if you start experiencing any of these symptoms:
Skin gets clammy and sweating ceases

Be safe out there. Running is great exercise but you always want to
Eat Right, Live Right and RUNWRIGHT!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Mummy Wright says:

    And so you should be. I am very proud of you too.


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks, Mom! 🙂


  2. Running in the heat is always challenging. It’s important to stay hydrated!! I try to run as early as possible in the summer, but typically wait until the sun goes down. Glad to hear your pushed through it and still listened to your body and knew when to slow down.


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks. This morning, I went out earlier and had a much better experience. My only issue with planning evening runs is that too often something else is going on at night and I have to either skip the run or the event. Tough choice sometimes. So I prefer to get my miles in the a.m.


      1. That is good to hear. Yea, sometimes I find myself become lazy when I get home from work, wishing that I woke up early to run. That is how felt last night, but still got my 3 miles in!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. runwright says:

        Good job! That’s determination!


  3. Great job. I have made that same mistake before of getting started too late, it was enough to make me get out of bed early the next day.


    1. runwright says:

      Absolutely. Lessons learned. I got up and ran earlier today. More on that in tomorrow’s post.


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