Attack Of The Terrible Tights

Imagine running 3.46 miles tugging at the bottoms of your shorts. Imagine running almost 6 miles yesterday, and waking up early today to push through a morning run, and running faster than you have in a while but having to stop every few blocks to adjust your tights!
I had a plan. A carefully executed plan. And I was well into carrying out that plan. When I was attacked. Yes. I was attacked by my tights!

When I got home, I threw them in the trash. They are old. They are so old, I probably had no business wearing them. They were uncomfortable the last time I wore them. But you know those days when you’re at the end of laundry cycle and you look for things that will do even though you don’t really want to wear them. That’s how these tights got back into rotation this morning. And ergo, how they ended up in the trash a half hour later.
Back to the business of running comfortably tomorrow.
Even in the midst of all that, I ran the fastest mile I have for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, my fastest mile was my first mile so that’s the opposite of a negative split. A positive split shall we say? (Just FYI, if you are not familiar negative splits is the term to describe when runners start slow and keep getting faster the longer the run. Their splits or the pace at which they run each mile, gets progressively faster as they go. It’s the way to train, but clearly, not what happened for me today)
In other news, I’ve been trying to incorporate some music into my runs again. I brought the earphones on yesterday’s run and it wasn’t terrible and I did manage my 5.8 (almost 6) miles so I repeated the experiment today.

Because I haven’t been running with music (or really listening to my own music collection) for a long time, I do need an updated playlist. I usually play music from Apple radio so I don’t know what the best workout songs are these days. Ergo, I will be taking suggestions if you’d like to share a link or just names of songs that I should include.


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  1. I hate when I am running in an uncomfortable pair of tights. I do the same thing and hold onto them to wear when I need to do laundry, but I need to follow your example and throw the bad ones out! What an awesome first mile! If you are looking for new running music, check out my post about my summer 2014 running playlist =) Click here to read/


    1. runwright says:

      I made this comment on your post:
      This is how far away I am from pop culture. I don’t know any of these artists 😦 I will have to check out the videos and step my game up.
      I am probably too ashamed to tell you what songs are on my phone right now.


      1. We all have different tastes in music, to each is own! I listen to a little bit of everything and my favorite bands and artists are those who are not huge in pop culture. At least I filled you in on the latest tunes! =)


  2. Patrice says:

    I think there are more than a few pieces that I need to trash.

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  3. runwright says:

    It’s the hoarder in me. I could find a reason to keep it long after I don’t need to. I am trying to change, which is why I put in the trash immediately.


  4. My runs absolutely suck when I don’t wear comfortable pants/shorts. Ha! Don’t ya hate having to constantly readjust?? I sure do. I’ve yet to find a pair of shorts that don’t ride up.
    (Thanks for commenting on my fermented veggies post! I would’ve responded, however your email is blocked in Blogger, so I can’t respond directly to you.)


    1. runwright says:

      I have to figure out how to fix the Blogger issue.
      Comfort is key for running. I usually wear longer tights. That’s what works best for me.


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