Treat Yo Self Thursday

Its Thursday again, a day that’s often rushed through in the excitement to get to Friday. But to honor the uniqueness of Thursday, I am linking up with these lovely bloggers Nicole and Margo, promoting #TreatYoSelfThursday
Check out this blog post for more.
To celebrate Thursday, I am finally using that gift card I’ve had for over a year and getting some new running shoes.

With all the miles I plan to run in the next few weeks, I need to protect my feet and getting the proper running shoes is one way to do that, because even if your shoes look alright, the cushioning can be worn out meaning you’re not getting the support you need.
This article contains one of the most in-depth guides to buying running shoes. If you run, you should read this.

How will you treat yourself today?

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  1. I have been itching to get a new pair of running shoes and have picked out a few that are still sitting in my online shopping carts. After coming back form a vacation, I don’t want buyer’s remorse to weight heavy on my lighter wallet. I know I need and want new running sneaks, but am still debating shelling out $150 on some Brooks. Which ones did you pick out?

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    1. runwright says:

      Running shoes can feel expensive but I think it’s always worth the $ if you run a lot. But (especially post vacation), buy them because you need them, not just because you like them. There will always be great shoes to crush on but if you can, wait until you’re more comfortable with spending the dough. The last thing you want is to buy the most awesome shoes and feel buyers remorse afterwards.


      1. I agree that they are worth the money, especially since I run on average 25 miles per week. I think shopping around for a new pair has led me to crush on a few pairs, so I just need to pick one I think will be best for my foot and hit that purchase button. I will wait for my next paycheck so that I feel more comfortable treating myself =)


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