Friday Favorites

When she was on the network, every year Oprah revealed her favorite things on her show and the guests lucky enough to be in the audience on that day, would get everything on the list. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a basket of my favorites but I will give you pictures of the things I liked this week. Good substitute, right?

Five Random Pictures

Guest Blog on


Awww. Someone thinks I’m special
Tomato plant
The tomatoes are finally starting to come in!
Central Park Reservoir
Seen on my run around the reservoir at Central Park

Five Things I Did For My Sanity

1. Five Mile Run

2. Cleaned out a cupboard in the kitchen. I threw out all these plastic containers that actually never get used because I store leftovers in glass containers now.

3. I finally made a plan to have dinner with some friends who I haven’t seen in months.
4. Ordered some equipment for the camping trip. It’s a relief to cross items off my To-Do list.

5. Checked out a couple books from the library to add to my reading pile. I have an 18 hour bus trip ahead of me and while I will probably spend a lot of that time sleeping or watching movies, reading is my still my oft-ignored, first love and true passion.


Five Scares
1. Running 5 miles without having eaten in hours and feeling lightheaded when I was done.
2. Not being sure we had enough money to pay all our bills for the trip
3. Going online to order some supplies and seeing that one of our stores would not deliver until after the camp is over. Yikes!
4. Losing my planner. I still can’t find it.
5. Missing a writing deadline. Thank God the editor gave me some grace.

And as always, Five Six new-to-me blogs and bloggers that you should check out too. Some are new bloggers who could really use some support.


Five Reasons To Anticipate Next Week
1. My best friend coming back from missionary work in Africa. Lots of stories. Lots of pictures. Maybe even a cool souvenir?
2. Packing for camp
3. Maintaining a 8:30 mile pace for at least 2 miles, I hope
4. Biking 50 miles
5. Dinner with BFFs. Sushi, maybe.

Visit Clare at Fitting It All In for more Five Things Friday posts.

five-things-fridayAnd have a great weekend where you Eat Right, Live Right and Run Wright. 


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  1. Thanks for including me on your blogger list =) Have a great weekend


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks. Same to you.


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