You’ve Been Backing Up, Right?

I know you’re wondering what’s up with me and why there have been no blog posts for a couple days.
I’ve been up to my ears in preparation for the trip to Oshkosh. And at the worst time possible, this happened

I’ve never had a computer crash on me before. I actually put my head down and cried when I heard the whirring noise and pressing the restart button didn’t help.
This Mac and I have been through a lot together and my entire thought process for the past 5 years is on it – college assignments, engineering papers, volunteer papers, my novels, articles, poetry, photos… Everything’s on it.
I am about to take it to the Apple store but I’m so worried.
I keep flashing back to that SATC scene when the tech guy asks Carrie if she’s been backing up her work and she hadn’t so she lost everything.
Pray for me and my Mac. This is a relationship I am not ready to end.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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