Blogging Without A Computer

My computer is still down. I have an appointment at the Apple store this evening and they will tell me whether I have just lost the better part of the last five years worth of work or not 😦
I know I’ve been lax with saving my work elsewhere but I believed in the system – that the Apple tech geniuses would be able to recover my work from the hard drive if anything ever went wrong with the computer. After all, this is a MacBook Pro! Pro = Professional.
In other news, camping plans are well underway. This is my daypack and the true sign that I am planning a camping trip.

I have to check all my equipment and gear to make sure they’re ready for whatever activities I’m anticipating. I’ll be carrying my binoculars. Hoping to make time for stargazing at night and birdwatching during the days.


I made a run to a Trader Joes yesterday to fill up on snacks.
I have an 18 hour bus ride, I’ll be camping for a week and another 18 hour bus ride back home. I’ll need all the snacks I can pack.


I have some programs to plan for church on Saturday and I’m significantly behind in that process.
But I am just trying my best to keep focused and keep working.
I’ve been eating a lot of “fast” food and snacks because I haven’t made time to shop for real groceries and make my stellar meals. I’ve been walking a lot but I haven’t gone for a run all week and my fitness apps keep sending me some not-so- gentle reminders.
I haven’t been working on the blog and probably won’t be back to my regular routine until I get the laptop back. I can crank out some short stuff on the iPad but my photo archive is on the MacBook.

I miss my linkups. I miss the comments from the readers.
I’ll be back to my schedule as soon as I can. Be patient with me. Wait for me, please.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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