Road Trip Day One Part Two

We’re on the road on the Ohio Turnpike, close to Toledo.
It’s raining. Purification from the first part of the trip.
So at about 7:30, our bus started leaking coolant and overheating. We sat on the side of the road for about 3 hours before we got a new bus to switch to.
Everything we had carefully packed I the bus, in daylight, now had to be moved and repacked on the side of a dark road, at the midnight hour.
But we got back on the road and that’s enough to make us happy.
I’m not a travel pillow fan – I pulled out my regular- sized pillow and promptly fell asleep. In case you were wondering, it’s not comfortable to sleep on the bus. But I had maybe 3 hours the night before so I was beat!
Woke up at 5ish with an urgent need for a bathroom, but my desire to not ever pee in a little receptacle in a moving vehicle was stronger than my bladder urgings, so I suppressed the desire to pee by going back to sleep and only getting up when we stopped at the rest stop.
Now that it’s raining. I am just happy that the rain held up until after I used the bathroom. Because nothing makes you want to use the bathroom more.
So we’re still about 6 hours away from the campsite and fun, fun, fun.
More later.



Bus Selfie

Cool truck



Signs that we are far away from home. Hardee’s. We don’t have those in New York City.


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