Top 10 Essential Items for Girly-Camping

The girly-camping expert herself agreed to guest blog while I’m on my camping trip.
These are her top ten essentials for camping and I think it’s a great list, even if I don’t agree with everything. You read and judge for yourself.
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Tent: This is your home for the entire length of your trip- you want to make is comfortable! Choose a tent that is long enough for your body (coming from someone who is 5’8), gives you the gear space you need, and is in your price range… that’s it 🙂 REI is a great brand for tents because they come in at the quality you want for the price you want!
Sleeping Bag: I went through a few sleeping bags before I knew what I was looking for! I use Sierra Design’s Backcountry Bed which has a sleeve so your sleeping bag tucks nicely up into your sleeping pad, has a toe box that you can slip your feet in and out of for extreme temperature comfort, and is made with a zipperless design.
Food: I love camping because it gives you the excuse to let loose with your typical food regimen and eat all the hot dogs and hamburgers you want! Your on vacation- spoil yourself!
Wine: The best glass of wine I’ve ever had was sitting in the mountains, watching the sunset, and a family of Bighorn sheep made an appearance- it was perfect! I drink wine at home and having a glass in the mountains tastes that much better!
Editors note: I don’t drink alcohol, wine included, so this is really my only disagreement with this list but, I know many of you do, so I know you might not mind that wine appears on the list.
Camera: My favorite activity is taking photographs! When we backpack 5 miles out and have to hike out all our gear, you will see me- backpack and all- with my camera around my neck snapping photos along the way!
Card Game: Sitting around the fire and having good conversation is absolute bliss but throw a classic card game in there for great memories!
Headlamp: No one likes walking around in the dark! For years I carried along my handy dandy lantern but for ultimate convenience, get a headlamp! You can find a good one for under $20.
Light- weight Stove: One of the hardest parts of camping is packing and unpacking. If you invest in a great light-weight stove that stashes easily in your backpack, you won’t mind packing up your gear! MSR makes a great stove we use called the mini-rocket. It boils a pot of water in under 3 minutes and weighs just 2.6 ounces!
First Aid: You always want to be prepared for any type of emergency situation so bring along a first aid equipped with band aids, ointment, gauze, Tylenol, and the other goodies that come in a kit! When an emergency does happen, at least you will be prepared and take control of the situation!
Good Company: The best part about camping is spending time with the ones you love! Put away those phones and have some good conversation sitting around the campfire!

I am, right now, on my camping adventure. Not a primitive campsite – there will be amenities like porta potties – but whatever your camping style, it’s always a good idea to get away from it all. And the better you plan, the better your experience can be.
If you’ve never gone camping, start thinking about it.

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  1. Great list! Can’t forget the wine and card games =)


  2. I hope you enjoy your trip!


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