Nicely Done, Sir!

I’ve been on many bus trips. Just last week, I had a 23 hour bus trip to Wisconsin. I live in NYC, the mass transit capital of the US, and Buses and Trains are the primary mode of transportation in the Big Apple.
I’ve encountered bus drivers from hell. Like a driver on a Chinese bus from Atlanta who spent the entire trip with his phone glued to his ear, maneuvering the steering wheel with one hand and occasionally his belly when he wanted to open a can of soda. Ay yah ya. That trip strengthened my prayer life.
Or the bus driver from somewhere close to hell who made the sudden stops that had people flying from the back seat to somewhere close to the middle door every time the traffic lights changed. Oh for strength to grip the ceiling straps tighter!
But today I rode the Q43 bus in Queens and met the kindest bus driver ever. A male passenger who might have been daydreaming in the back, didn’t realize he was at his stop until the bus driver closed the door and started to pull off. Normally, you can’t get these drivers to reopen the doors. They would force you to stay on the bus for the 3 or 12 (on limited buses) blocks to the next stop and walk back. But this driver asked the man if he wanted to get off and opened the door for the happy passenger. Now, some men would do this for a hot babe, but not for an older man. This Bus-driver man didn’t discriminate. He was kind to everyone, waiting until the passengers got into the bus and were holding on to a strap or sitting before pulling off.
Oh, if we could clone this driver, or get him to teach a class at the MTA.
Kudos to you sir, for a pleasant bus trip.
So often we complain when things go awry but let’s also make time to compliment a job well done.
If you see this or another bus driver doing a great job, tell him so.


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