Reading Between The Lines

I’ve taken to reading an engineering book at nights.
Starting on Tuesday, I picked up this one and even did a couple theoretical problems before I fell asleep.

Then last night, I made myself a little ginger ale with raspberries “mock tail” and curled up on the couch, reminding myself of the joy I got when I cracked open this book during my first semester in my engineering program in college.


I’m such a nerd but I’m also missing my college days. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun.
It might have been brought about by seeing Stacy over the weekend. She was my best friend in college, we lived together for a year and although we don’t see each other often since she moved, being together always reminds me of my big dreams and inspires me to keep reaching for them.
And then coming off that run, yesterday in the care package my parents sent me, my mom included this book

And although I haven’t read the book yet, I flipped to the back and realized that Thinking B-I-G is an acronym for 3 valuable resources to improve your life and B = Books. Even the world famous, accomplished neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson acknowledges the need for books.
I could spend all my free time browsing the internet but books affect me in such a profound way that I will always and must always leave room in my life for the bound, printed pages and the worlds they open up to me.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mummy Wright says:

    Nothing beats “diving into a good book”


    1. runwright says:

      That’s so true, Mommy. Thanks for that good book and very welcome inspiration.


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