Running Mates August 2014 Reveal

This month, Running Mates hit a snafu. My computer crashed around the time I was doing matchups so we got off to a late start.
Then a few of the participants had trouble sending packages to each other. So that was another issue.
But my match was Toni at The Extra Pounds blog and she sent me a really cool gift… Literally..


First there was this exercise resistance band which I haven’t used yet but will be creating a workout around so I can get my strength up.


Then there was this Ace cooling towel which I saw in the store when I was shopping for Toni, and made a mental note to try. She totally read my mind.


There was also a Chocolate Chip Brownie Larabar (which didn’t survive the photo shoot) Clearly, Ms Toni reads my blog cause I talk all the time about Larabar being my favorite after-run or anytime snack. I mean, I am not sure yet why Larabar hasn’t made me their spokesperson yet but hopefully I’ll be getting that call very soon.

Running Mates will be even better for September. When you start a new project, if takes a while to iron out kinks and prepare for things that you never could have seen coming but now that you’ve experienced them, you can take steps to prevent them happening again.
If you would like a running mate, just comment below or email me at with Running Mates in the subject. I’ll be doing September matchups on Thursday, September 4th so make sure you contact me before that. Maybe you could be my running mate.
Fall is my favorite time to run and I could sure use some extra running friends.

Click the links below for other Running Mate Reveal posts.
Toni @ The Extra Pounds

And please sign up for Running Mates. More participants = more fun. Details here.

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