From Summer to School

August is over and my favorite month has begun. September usually summons end-of-summer fears and scholastic dreams. And that’s how my weekend was and new week has started.
Friday evening ended with a 2 mile evening run, Sabbath morning was spent at church and Sabbath afternoon spent enjoying the beauty of nature.
Saturday night, I met some friends for dinner and catching up over Pinkberry frozen yoghurt and a late walk on the Upper West side of Manhattan.



Sunday is my day to spend with some of my favorite young people and I ended up counseling two late teens-early twenties who wanted relationship advice but who I gave life advice instead, because they have too much of their own life to get right before they can be in good relationships.

Monday afternoon was spent in Central Park with one of my favorite bike buddies, Samantha.

Funny. She asked me how we knew that the other one rode. I told her, I can’t remember but even if when I met her I didn’t have a bike, I would’ve bought one so we could ride together because I wanted to be her friend.
She laughed but it’s true. She’s a good person. Young, vibrant, Christian, raised with good values, finding her own place in the world post-college. I admire her and if buying a bike would’ve been the only way to become her friend, consider my credit card charged.
Friends are really special. I consider my friends my gifts to myself (my family are God’s gifts to me because I didn’t choose them myself) and spending the second weekend in a row with such wonderful people made it all the more special.
From today on, some part of Tuesday afternoon will be spent consulting with another friend with whom I made a scholastic pact to get us both back on track to achieving our academic dreams. Summer fun isn’t over but we’re launching into back to school mode now. We don’t have uniforms to put on or books to buy but there’s something inspiring in the September air and I want to take advantage of it.
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Weekend Recap

And as always, Eat Right, Live Right and RUNWRIGHT


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