Birthday Pics

This was the birthday present – my niece starting high school and she’s going to my alma mater.

Sitting by the water in Central Park and contemplating life.


… and playing with my food – I drew all over my banana before I ate it.

Birthday gifts


More birthday gifts – I love big teacups


From my mom. She knows I like sitting by the water so she sent me this pic from Alligator Pond in Jamaica since I couldn’t be there myself.


And this is my daddy


I loved all the emails and texts and facebook messages and instagrams and blog comments I got on my birthday. A girl could get used to all that attention and start feeling really special.


And I like this pic of myself. I love action shots.


Thanks to everyone who made and repeatedly make my special day extra special, especially my mommy, who is the one who did all the work on September 5th, so many moons ago.
Love you, mom!

I’m linking with Whitney for the #BlogEverydayInSeptember Challenge

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  1. shanks324 says:

    Glad you got all that attention on your birthday as you are special! You deserve it! Btw great pic of yourself!


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