There’s Always Something Different In New York City

Today, we had a health fair at my church and I was promoting our running club. Remember a couple months back when we would run as a group on Sunday mornings? Well, summer vacation is over and the running club is back in business.
If you are in NYC and want to join a group of motivated runners or run/walkers, leave a comment below to let me know you’re interested so we can discuss a running schedule.
I’m in the process of organizing a couple weekly group runs but if running is your main form of exercise, you have to run more than once or twice a week to get the benefit. That means if you can make one or both of the group runs, you’ll also need to run at least once or twice on your own.
We’ll use the blog to stay on track and stay motivated.
When the schedule is set, I will include a Running Club tab on the home page so you’ll know when and where to show up for a run.

Here I am jumping rope at the health fair. Running, watch out! Jump rope just might be my new favorite cardio.

I also got a chair massage but sorry no pics of that.

And I met some amazing people. Older runners who shared stories. And younger people who expressed a desire to run and make some of those memories too. Runners truly become part of a community.

And when I was heading home, this reptile was behind walked like a dog on the streets of Harlem. How is it legal to keep this animal as a pet? I asked the owner what it eats, he said “mice and squirrels and you, when he gets older.” I took that as my cue to walk far, far away.
I have to keep training. When this animal gets old enough to be a threat, I want to know I can always outrun it.

I’m linking with Whitney for the #BlogEverydayInSeptember Challenge
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