Monday or RUN-day

Monday morning 6:00 am. I know I’m supposed to meet my new running buddy but it’s still dark outside. I text her. “I’m up. Are you ready?” I stumble around, willing myself to get dressed while my eyes are still half closed, listening for my phone to ping with her reply. Somehow, I manage to find running gear that match, an event in itself sometimes, and get suited up. Then it comes. The reprieve. An excuse to not go out before the sun does.
That text that said “Let’s do it tomorrow instead.” It was all I needed to hear to pull off my sneakers and go back to bed.
Eventually, I dragged myself back out of bed at 6:45 and ran a 5K in 30 minutes. At my turnaround point on 110 Street, I saw a gift bow on the cobblestones.

A gift bow on the pavement made me think that the sidewalk was my gift. And it was a gift. Being able to run in the early morning, breathing the fresh air in New York City before the events of the day pollute it, watching the early people going to work, seeing the early runners smile back when you meet them on the sidewalk, it’s all such a gift. Thanks to the person who inadvertently left me a reminder of all I have to be thankful for.
Happy Monday to me!

My other motivation for today was this pic
After work, I went to visit my garden and harvested these tomatoes to be the crowning jewel of my dinner.

Ah, I wish I had the space to do some serious gardening so I could do some farm to table living. It’s funny because my parents live like that in Jamaica. Why did I leave again? Questions, questions.
For now, I’ll console myself with my delicious-looking heirlooms
How has your Monday been?
I’m linking with Whitney for the #BlogEverydayInSeptember Challenge

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