Stamps, Chocolate, Funeral and Love

Stamp collecting is about to get underway… Again. When I was a kid, I collected stamps. I must ask my mom to see if she can find my old notebook I kept my stamps in masking tape rolled on the back. It was a fantastic collection. My aunt Pam used to travel all over the world and she would send us postcards from faraway places and I would love to get stamps from such exotic locales.
Today Kerice gave me a bag of stamps that gave me a rush that rivaled that feeling I had as a kid. There were stamps from places I’ve never dreamed of getting stamps from… African countries, Asian countries, old stamps from countries that no longer exist.
I’m starting a new stamp collecting project as one of the requirements for the Pathfinder Stamp Collecting honor. I love being a Pathfinder because I love working with the young people, but there is also so much joy to be had from doing the coursework, doing honor activities, finding a project and just losing myself in the sheer joy of something fun.
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Other wonderful things about this weekend.
It’s already chilly enough to crave hot chocolate in the mornings. And on a chilly Sunday morning, I indulged in a delicious raisin bagel with cheese and hot chocolate in my new favorite teacup.

Some not so wonderful things about this weekend.
The first babysitter I had, Miss Muriel, died and this weekend was her funeral. They had her funeral service in Delaware and I couldn’t get to attend because of all the other responsibilities I had this weekend in NYC. They also held a memorial service in Jamaica today for her friends and family there to pay their respects. She was my babysitter from the time I was 3 weeks old, and she lived next door to us when I was growing up. She always wanted me to call her Nana but I don’t remember ever doing so 🙂 She was a hard worker but she always had time for me. She was a good woman and I regret not being able to go pay my condolences to her daughters. But I hope they know that she was loved and appreciated for all she did.

Tomorrow is another funeral at my church for a young girl who got hit by a train last Sunday. It really causes me think about how precious life is. I know it will be a hard event to sit through tomorrow evening. But no matter how hard it is for me, if will be infinitely harder for her parents and friends who knew her best and will be forever changed by having lost her in such a tragic way.

Although the first 3 letters are F-U-N, funerals are not for us to enjoy. Rather, they are an opportunity for us to show love to the families and friends. So we sit through them and hold the bereaved up in prayer and just do what we can to support them so they feel loved.

And remember that we have to do everything to make the most of the time we have. Influence all the people we can. Love all the people we can. Do the best we can. Everyday. In every way.


I hope you have a wonderful week and remember to do something nice to show someone that you care about them.

Bonus points if you can do something fantastic for a stranger in need.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. shanks324 says:

    Sorry to hear about the losses. 😦

    Love that you wrote this “Influence all the people we can. Love all the people we can. Do the best we can. Everyday. In every way.” Very true. Hope you have a good week!


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks. That’s the thing about pondering mortality – it should inspire us to do more with life. Hope you have a wonderful week also.


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