Transforming is Becoming

3 weeks ago, my friend, T, and I decided to start seriously working on the lives we want to live.
We decided to do a weekly check-in to keep each other focused on the goals. She was planning to go back to school this semester but her plans got a little railroaded for the next few months so that’s on the back burner until Spring. Me, I have so many goals I am working on, I set up steps to accomplishing each one and weekly markers that I should be passing. (I have a lot of goals, but that’s because there’s a lot I want to do with my life. Hopefully, they aren’t too much that I lose focus.)

No more living in the clouds, expecting this life I want to miraculously fall into place without me doing anything to accomplish it.


One of the things I am doing is reading the Bible. The whole Bible. Cover to cover. I am following one of the reading plans in the back of my Bible where I alternate between Old and New Testaments chapters.

I’m not on the time schedule because I want to give myself enough time to read and understand and appreciate and learn without rushing to meet some imaginary deadline.
And I thought, that in itself was an accomplishment. Because I’ve been so impatient with goals that there was some point in my last when I would have established this goal and spent the next 2 weeks reading the Bible as literature in my every free moment, just so I could finish and cross it off my list. That I have the patience to do it this way, to be slow enough to read and understand and ask questions and look for the answers myself, is exactly where I need and want to be right now.
And that’s transformative growth in my book.

What’s your transformation? What changes have you noticed in yourself?

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  1. Chatter says:

    I used to have the hardest time with goal setting. I discovered I was confusing goals with dreaming. The difference is that goals are achievable, attainable, and timely. After you set goals you then need to sit down and put a plan into action to achieve those goals within a specific time frame. A goal has to have success measures that can be expanded as situations change and should frequently be reviewed to validate the measures put in place to achieve those goals are having their desired output. This has been the night and day difference for me in the last two years and why I failed for so many years to change.

    Good post, just wanted to share my thoughts. Accountability is good.

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    1. runwright says:

      Thanks so much for sharing. Your weight loss journey and physical transformation is such an example of what we can do when we set goals and make concrete plans of how to reach them, and then constantly work towards them. Thanks!


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