Reading A Great Book … Again

I’m in the middle of a novel I think I’ve read before. Except for the life of me, I can’t think how it ends so I am surprised by every plot twist and turn.
Maybe I watched the movie? Except it doesn’t feel like I watched the movie. It feels like I’ve read the book before.

It’s a strange sense of déjà vu. it’s a totally inappropriate book, so I don’t recommend it, except that it rings true, it’s the story I’ve heard from so many women I know.
And I just spent an hour or so transferring my info from one mini day planner to another.


Mickey Mouse and I have been together for 9 months and now it’s time to part ways as I embrace my more adult persona in the fall months. A few days (actually this happens more often than I like to admit) ago, I had so much stuff in my purse that my planner got crammed and a couple pages got ripped and left my diary looking unsightly.
Plus I had an extra planner on my shelf since January – I had bought several for my kids – and they are about to expire in a few more months so, why not?
Mini day-planners are great. I have an undated journal that I use to write plans and lists, but I love having a mini day-planner so I can record dates and appointments in a way that I can carry with me anytime. They’re big enough to fit all my important details but small enough to fit inside my weekend clutch purses.
And yes. I have an iPhone and an iPad that are constantly with me, but I love the act of planning my future with pen and paper.
Anyone else like me out there? Do you use a Google calendar or pen-and-paper schedules?
What’s on your nightstand, in your book bag or on your iPad reader these days?

Ps. This post was scheduled for Thursday afternoon but somehow, a WordPress just seemed to ignore my post. Bloggers, has that ever happened to you?

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