Dear Former Self

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Prompt from The Observant Turtle in the #BlogEverydayInSept challenge. Write a short letter to yourself at age 13, 18 and 21:

Dear 13 year old Karen,
You just turned 13 so you’re in 3rd form at Hampton. You’ve settled into your surroundings and you’re doing alright but there’s no more time to waste. This is a pretty important year for you. At the end of this school year, you’ll choose the subjects you want to study at Cxc level and ultimately base your career on. You’ll want to choose wisely. The teachers will tell you to choose the subjects you get the best grades in. But grades are not the most important factor. Choose the subjects that interest you most, not based on whether the teacher seems to like you or still hasn’t figured out your name.
Your parents are your best resource. Ask them how to decide.
Your family loves you.

Dear 18 y.o. Karen,
So you just got a job in the bank. You like it, it’s what you’ve thought about doing since that time you visited your aunt in her office at B.O.J. But you’ve.
noticed that this isn’t the same thing, right? Besides, you said you wanted to be a bank manager and there’s no way to do that in a year. You said this was only going to be for a year. Remember? Do everything you can to stick to that time schedule. The longer you stay there, the harder it will be to still want to leave. It’s a great opportunity but ask yourself if this is the thing you want to do with the rest of your life. Then act accordingly.
Don’t be swayed by the lifestyle that this job seems to be able to afford. Remember what your long term goals are.
Smile more. You are beautiful. Those pictures you take that you’re not sure you like, well they are exquisite. Enjoy the way you look and the way you feel.
You are precious and your friends should acknowledge and appreciate that. Anyone who doesn’t see you as precious is not someone you should have in your life.
Don’t forget the friends you started off with.
Your family loves you.

Dear 21 y.o. Karen,
You’re still working at the bank. The promotions have been great. Having a car is exciting. But you said you were only going to spend a year. Did you change your mind? When? What’s the new plan? Is there a new plan? Taking a class each semester isn’t going to get you to your dreams. You’re young but you don’t have forever. Don’t waste your time. Save your money. Invest!
Smile more. You are beautiful and talented. Find a way to share your talents with those around you.
Make good decisions.
Your family loves you.

Writing these letters forced me to remember where I was and what I was worrying about during these times in my life. A lot of the stuff that worried e then, is no longer important.
If I could remember this lesson the next time I’m having anxiety over something (like right now), maybe I can relax and remember that this too shall pass.
Knowing what you’ve been through helps you with your current challenges. You know yourself better now, because of what you’ve endured. Use those lessons to your advantage.
I like this picture from Pinterest, of a woman using that knowledge to compete with who she used to be, and to win.


If you could write a letter to your former self, what would you say?

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