Week End or Week Beginning

This weekend, I got my Foodie Penpal box and gorged myself on treats. Can’t wait to share my experience on reveal day.

I had a Formal dinner on Sabbath and it was fantastic. The kind of dinner that makes you wish you could spend the sabbath this way every week.
And at sunset, dinner ended with cheesecake, berry sauce and ice cream. Phenomenal!


Sunday mornings are usually spent with the kids and for the past few months, we’ve edged more and more into the afternoons. This week, one of the mothers has been in hospital so today we went to visit her. Can’t imagine what it’s like for a 16 year old boy to visit his mom in the hospital and see her not be well but he’s being so brave about it all. I love these kids!
And we’re praying for a full and speedy recovery for her, for him.

The Annual African American Day Parade passed right by me and I didn’t participate. Why wasn’t I motivated? Was it because of some of the paraders behavior last year? Was it because I’m participating in another parade next week so I’m reserving my energy? Whatever the reason, I could tell the parade happened and I’m proud that my people showed up and had a good time. And looking back now, I regret that we didn’t go out and march. There’s always next year.


The week that ended was busy and strange. I didn’t get a lot of exercise and I busted my diet. But that week has ended. It’s in the past. The new week that’s begun is filled with promise and laden with potential. The potential to do better, to be better. To visit some people, and show the people I care about that I really do care about them.
I hope that’s your goal too.
Let’s do it!

What are you most looking forward to this week?

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