WIAW Comfort Foods

Comfort food doesn’t have to be mashed potatoes and meatloaf. Or chicken soup. The picture you have of comfort food depends on where you grew up and what kind of foods you like, and your ethnicity or family heritage.
The national dish in Jamaica is ackee and saltfish so eating a plate of that makes me think about sitting in the kitchen at home and eating food my mommy prepared. Now that I’m in New York, my mom sends me ackee from Jamaica as frequently as she can. But last time I saw my aunt, she also gave me some cans of pre-cooked ackee and I used one to make this plate of goodness.
Bammy, ackee and saltfish (the national dish of Jamaica), with onion, red peppers and Bok Choy mixed in for flavor. One word: DELICIOUS! In two words: Comfort Food

Or with mashed potatoes and fried plantains. Hello, old friend.


Monday and Tuesday were such emotional days, that by Tuesday afternoon, I needed some happiness in a cup. Pinkberry froyo is definitely one version of comfort food.


Starbucks frappucinos are a meal onto themselves. And this salted caramel is another version of comfort food.


And finally, I’m trying to tackle the sugar habit by popping grapes instead. Healthy comfort food, eating fruit to soothe the sugar cravings.


What’s your favorite comfort food?

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