For the past several years, every year, I’ve said, “I am going to work on making gifts rather than buying gifts for Christmas.” The problem is, I usually make that declaration in mid-December when the only thing I could probably make would be some cookies (and even then, quite often, that doesn’t happen)
This year, I am starting early. Or at least, it feels early.
I started a crochet project. When I was a little girl, my Mom taught me to crochet. Fast forward many years without practice and I had to resort to the internet for a refresher course.
This is my first project – a granny square that could be half of a potholder, or something.
It started slow. I made some mistakes and had to pull out my stitches and start over. I had 3 false starts that got to about this level and then I had to go back to square one. Literally.

But then, I got the hang of it and I saw where I was making the mistake. And so it kept growing.

And after about 2 hours, I had this


I have a square. A granny square. And it’s at a point where it could be a standalone item if I decide I can’t do another. (Except I will, because now I’m motivated) My first crochet accomplishment in many years.

I can do this! I can hardly wait to finish.

I used this website as a refresher and for the granny square pattern.

So now that we’re on the subject of crochet, I’ll share some funny crochet pictures with you.

All my yarn is the same. Cheap. So expect some scratching, folks.

And as I enter this new craft world, I promise not to become this lady

Or this one


And I promise never to attempt this pattern

Or this
That was downright scary.

But maybe since I’m Jamaican, I’ll try this one

What’s the last thing you made?


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  1. TheseKronicles says:

    Reblogged this on TheseKronicles and commented:
    Do the crochet thing. Last thing I made was some scarves and before that some handbags.


  2. TheseKronicles says:

    The last thing I made were some scarfs and before that some hand bags. Do your thing. Such a stress reliever.


    1. runwright says:

      Hey now! Sounds like you’re the craft guru. That’s good stuff!


  3. WalkToRio says:

    I promise a friend I would crochet a blanker for the baby she was having.
    I didn’t know how to crochet. I bough wool and needles and started.
    I learn the granny square or something like that, but lost track of the stitches, ended up with something reassembling a scarf, which will be the kid’s 18 birthday gift lol
    Have a nice weekend!


    1. runwright says:

      Hilarious! It requires a great deal of commitment to see a blanket through from the first slip stitch to a completed blanket. Congrats on finishing the scarf though. How long did it take you?


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