Preparing For The Week Ahead

Saturday morning, it was raining right at the time I was supposed to get out of bed and it took all my willpower to get out from under the covers and get ready for church. It didn’t help that I had to walk to church wearing rainboots with my suit.
But once I got to church, my mood improved. Good thing because I spend most of the day at church.
Saturday night, I had to go to the Bronx for a meeting that I was so late for that I almost immediately had to turn around and come home. Waiting 30 minutes outside for the bus wasn’t fun. When it came, there was only one other passenger so I talked to the bus driver. I wonder what it must be like to drive around in circles for 8 hours every day, stopping every few blocks at a time.
Sunday was my first complete day off for a while and I enjoyed it by not making any big commitments.


I went to Brooklyn with my friends, went to the craft store for more supplies and worked on some gifts.


And I had a long conversation with a good friend. Regardless of what we’re going through, our talks always make me feel hopeful about life.


7 things on my “To Do” List this week.
1. Daily Workouts:
Run: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Strength train and Yoga: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.

2. Register for a Fall race and update my run schedule to start training.

3. Visit 2 people I know in the hospital

4. Prepare for the Pathfinder event on Saturday.

5. Buy a new handbag. Summer is over and my canvas bags are no longer doing the trick.

6. Complete 2 handmade gifts from my Christmas list.

7. Have a 2 minute conversation in French.


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