Transformation Tuesday

Every day is a new opportunity to start again.
Live the life you say you want.

And besides, today is Transformation Tuesday. <strong>What transformation have you seen or want to see? What change will you make today?

I’ve been in a little exercise rut. I haven’t been doing what I used to do. Running is sporadic. I’ve been planning to start a gym with my friend for a couple weeks and we just haven’t been able to sync the schedules to make it. I used to have a morning running partner and an evening running buddy on alternate days. And now, nothing.
Now, this lady is me.


The wonderful thing about every new morning is it brings with it a new opportunity to start again.
Everyday, we get another chance to turn it all around and do better.
Happy Transformation Tuesday!

If you’re like me and you need a little extra boost this morning, maybe you need a simple workout to get you up and moving. This is the workout that’s waking me up today. Try it! Let me know what you think.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Definitely on the same page today about getting back to the motivating workouts!


    1. runwright says:

      Some days are tougher than others. Some days, I just want to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. But I don’t want to be that old lady with a bathroom called Jim 🙂


  2. carlyburek says:

    I totally hear ya on the morning workout struggle. I like this little mini morning workout! I’m definitely going to start my day with that tomorrow!



    1. runwright says:

      Awesome. I’ll be doing it again tomorrow too so I’ll be in good company 🙂


  3. I need to follow in line,, back to the gym!


    1. runwright says:

      Hope I’ve motivated you. Let’s do this being-healthier thing!


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