Triple Five Soul

3 Categories of Fives

A: 5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week
1. A care package from my parents in Jamaica. It’s more of a Love package because there was lots of love in that bag. Even the bag it came in looked like love 🙂

They sent me bammy and fried fish and grater cake that just made my mouth water and my belly happy when I ate them.

2. Getting my order from USPS exactly when they said it would come.

3. Accomplishing my goals (details below). There is a sense of pride I get from making lists and crossing off items. Makes me feel like I’ve done something.

4. Cleaning out my closets to prepare for cooler temps. The sweaters are making a comeback and the blazers never left. Time to throw out the stretched out summer t-shirts, pack the shorts away and get my coat cleaned.


5. Running in cool weather makes me feel like I could run for a long time without getting winded.

B: Five Goals I Accomplished
1. I finished 2 handmade Christmas gifts
2. I exercised every day this week.
Monday and Tuesday, this Pinterest workout
Wednesday – 2 mile run
Thursday – gym workout at the YMCA
Friday – morning wake up exercises and heading out for a 5K run this afternoon
3. Visited 2 elderly members of my church
4. Prepared for an event on Saturday – ordered supplies, coordinated activities and bought the ingredients for the salad I’m preparing.
5. Had a slightly-shorter-than-2-minutes conversation in French but still better than last time so I think it counts.

C: 5 Photos I Took And The Captions I Would Give Them

No It’s Not My Church But It’s Beautiful Anyway


Signs Of A Single Woman


The House That Used To Have Another Address (this is Alexander Hamilton’s house. When I was in college, I remember when they put it on a truck and moved it from across the street to where it is now. It was a huge, and I’m sure expensive, project, but they wanted to correct the history or something weird like that. You can read details here)


Museum On The Streets


1000 Ways To Make Money On The Streets. Choose One

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Helene says:

    that museum on the street looks so cool! i love the photo of the church!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. runwright says:

    Thanks. Those are photos taken on my run. Reason #95 that I love running on the streets of NYC.


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