Columbus Day Weekend And Week-Beginning

Is there anything more delightful than the 3-day-weekend? Well, maybe a 4 day weekend is better. But 3-day-weekends are the next best thing.

Friday afternoon, I fit in a 1 hour workout at Planet Fitness gym. It was empty, and yet I chose the one treadmill where the tv connection wasn’t working. I had already programmed my workout and didn’t want to move, so I used it as an opportunity to practice my skill at lip reading and my ability to read close captioning while powering through a fast run.

When I went downstairs for the strength training, the male-to-female ratio was what women have been looking years for. Want to know where the men are? Try Planet Fitness on a Friday afternoon. Reason # 56 to join a gym.

On Saturday, we had a pathfinder day and I prepared tossed salad for 150 people for lunch. 10 heads of lettuce plus containers of mixed greens, 5 containers of tomatoes, 2 lbs of carrots, red peppers, cucumbers.
Imagine this huge container, times 2.


Saturday evening, my friend Samantha put on a play at church. Fantastic.
I’m so proud of her.


I planned to go back to the gym on Saturday night but I was too tired and just wanted to go under my covers. So I did.

Sunday morning, I went to participate in a Fit and Free walk. Once a year, the health ministries team at my church sponsors a walk from the church. We walk from the church on 123rd street to 145th street on Lenox Avenue, across town to Riverbank State Park, exercise on the track and then walk back. It was fun! The kids beat me mercilessly when I tried to race them.


I was convinced I would have to change the name of my blog from Runwright to “Try-To-Run-Better”
But then one of my supporters reminded me that I’m a distance runner and I shouldn’t be discouraged if I don’t sprint too. Yeah for encouragement! Yeah for hanging out and getting fit with friends.


And the ultimate reward for the walk was brunch. A delicious, vegetarian, brunch at the end of a 3 mile walk, plus laps around the tracks, a sprint, push-ups, crunches, planks,

So my first real meal of the week and I am already off my meal plan. Thankfully, I have time to get back on track.

I was a very unhappy Giants fan on Sunday night.
1. Terrible loss. Not good.
2. Even more, a loss to the Eagles. Heart wrenching.
3. QB Manning being sacked 4 times. Disappointing.
4. Victor Cruz injured and done for the season. Horrible.

I probably fell asleep crying.

Monday’s weather was delightful and perfect for spending the morning in pajamas and socks, catching up on my reading.
Currently reading Cameron Diaz’ The Body Book.

And I wrapped up Monday evening with another gym session, and then homemade soup on the couch while I read blogs, looked at funny Instagram pics and watched the SF-STL football game with little interest.

My 7 goals for this week ahead are:
1. To eat properly – follow the meal plan. Less than 25 g of sugar per day. Avoid candy, soda and juice. (I can’t believe I am back here again but I gotta do what I have to)
2. Practice my French. I am aiming for a 3 minute conversation this week.
3. Exercise every day.
4. Write every day. Finish a short story
5. Make 2 handmade gifts.
6. Redecorate. I’m excited to paint the walls and change things around.
7. Visit 2 sick/shut-in people.

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Weekend Recap

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristin says:

    Wow, I love your goals for the week! Fantastic!! You’re amazing!! Also, great job on your runs and what a yummy vegetarian lunch!! Delicious!! Have a wonderful day!! xoxoxo


    1. runwright says:

      Thanks so much! Hope you have an awesome day too.


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