That Summer

Summer’s over and I’m reading books about summer. I feel like Olaf in Frozen, singing about summer. I will never tire of watching that video.


But this isn’t about that summer. I finished reading a book entitled That Summer which just got me thinking about other summers. Anyway, That Summer is a novel that juxtaposes a present day woman’s life with her great-grandmother’s life, both at the same house, 160 years apart. The storyline solves the mysteries of both their lives simultaneously.
I liked that.
As I read a chapter of the present day woman, Julia and have questions, I’d get another chapter from life of the 1850s woman, Imogen, and it would answer my previous question plus give me a follow-up question.
I liked how it made me think about my own ancestors, whether they imagined me, how they prepared for me. And it also made me think about how what I’m doing today might be perceived by future generations.
All things to ponder.
What I didn’t like is the ending. It felt a bit hurried, a bit like, ok, the characters plights have been resolved, let’s give them a happy ending.
But other than that, it was definitely my kind of book. A little history, a little art, a little romance, some international travel, someone speaking with a foreign accent – it takes place in England.
The Novelist is Lauren Willig. She made an impression. I’d read her again.


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