Do U DSLR 2?

I’m late to the game but I’m currently crushing on a DSLR camera. I’ve always loved taking photos. When film camera was our options, I was the person who would be dropping off more rolls of film every time I picked up my latest prints. My dad studied photography in college, my brother was also interested in photography when he was a teen, and so I guess it’s only natural that I’d love it too.
My iPhone and iPad have been my camera for the last few years but I’m ready to upgrade to something a little (or a lot) more professional and a DSLR is now the way to go.


Over the weekend, I started chatting with some photographers who gave me some valuable info.
Like the notion that most Nikon products are compatible with each other so I can use lens from an older model or share lens with other Nikon users instead of always purchasing my own new equipment.

But as with any other kind of crush, I can’t get enough info so I’m checking all possible sources to satisfy my curiosity.
Like this article
I’ve heard B&H is the place to go in NYC so I can get all the info I need and also an quality used camera to start out.
But truthfully, I’ll be scoping the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for a comparison before I make a purchase.

Do you have a DSLR camera?
What do you typically take photos of?
Any guidance as I move forward in my quest?

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