Phone, Love and Basketball

Ever wondered what it would be like to start the weekend with pain? Friday afternoon’s gym workout included cardio and lots of arm exercises. On Monday morning, I’m still sore. But I’m determined to get my money’s worth from Planet Fitness, by using all the machines I can and getting as fit as I can.

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I had dinner with a couple friends in preparation for one of my besties leaving the country on Saturday night. I had an hour or so of panic when I thought I’d lost my phone but I finally figured out I’d left it at home instead. It’s an iPhone 4, which since Apple has released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, my 4 now feels like a prehistoric dinosaur, if dinosaurs were tiny instead of giant.

At some point in the next few days, I need to upgrade. Verizon is sill willing to trade in my dinosaur and I want to get the iPhone 6 but which one?

In the month since the phone has been out, l haven’t been able to decide 6 or 6 Plus. You’d think I was making a career choice or deciding whether I wanted to make a mission to Mars on the space shuttle. It’s just a phone! Right? But with the amount of time I spend with my phone, this is a long-term relationship I’m embarking on. I just need to be certain.

iPhone comparison on

Saturday was our final anniversary celebration at church and it was fantastic. A great sermon, spirit-filled music, lots of community and denomination legends. It was a truly awesome experience. I stayed all day and well into the night for the concert. I’d planned to go to the gym at night but it was just too late. I’d also planned to go see the church’s youth basketball team but they stopped by the concert before the game so I’ll go to the next game.

Ephesus Junior Basketball Team 2014 on



I love to see groups of young men doing positive things, having fun, wearing uniforms. And here, they’re being mentored by slightly-older young men and playing sports in a great Christian atmosphere. What’s not to love here?

Sunday morning, I started to clean my apartment and got sidetracked playing with doing important stuff on the laptop. I finally have enough space to back up all my pictures and videos from my iPad so I downloaded iOs 8.1 on the iPad. I had a moment of panic because I realized I’d never added iOs 8 but it did what it had to do. Smart devices! I love the fact that every few months, these updates make me feel like I have a new device.

Another gym workout ensued. 20 minutes on the torture device #1 treadmill and 15 minutes on the torture device #2 elliptical followed by strength training. Since we didn’t go the gym on Saturday, we figured all our muscles were rested so we did a total body workout with focus on upper body. The good thing is I can feel myself getting a little stronger. I no longer want to puke after every machine.

And then there was a girl at the gym that cracked me up. She was just sitting on one of the leg machines for about 10 minutes, checking her phone. I know they say 80% of success is showing up but sitting in the gym is not known to be a recipe for workout success. 

And to round off the technological weekend, I spent some time in the afternoon at the Apple store doing more research on the perpetual iPhone 6 vs 6Plus question. Apple really did a number on us this time. Since Apple users are usually brand-loyal, we’ve always known we want the newest phone. But now that that there are two, we know we want a bigger phone, but How big is too big? and How big is big enough? #ProsperityProblems

iPhone 6 vs 6Plus on

I think I’ve finally decided though. I’ll let you know when I get it.

Goals achieved last week:

  1. 5 Workouts
  2. Healthy eating (at least my version of healthy)
  3. Ordered my glasses. Still waiting for them to be ready
  4. Laptop repaired and my home-office finally getting back together
  5. Write every day

Goals for this week ahead:

  1. Exercise every day
  2. Eat healthy 80% of the time
  3. Write every day – Finish novel revision
  4. Complete 2 handmade gifts
  5. Practice French everyday
  6. Random act of kindness every day
  7. Read 1 non-fiction book

That’s my plan for the week ahead. What do you have scheduled?

Any iPhone 6  or 6Plus owners reading? How did you decide which one you’d get?


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  1. Jason says:

    Good luck with the phone selection – look at the bright side, I’m sure they’re both great 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. runwright says:

      Yes they are both great. Which is why it’s such a hard choice. There’s no obvious choice.


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