Make Workout Wednesday Work For You

You have to do the work to get the results.

You have to do the work

Remember on Sunday when I told you about the lady I saw in the gym who was just sitting on the machines? It seems she’d gone to the gym and she had actually selected a machine. She got the out part of the workout done. But there is one more step to getting a workout; you actually have to do the work.

lying about the gym

The trainer I met with reminded me that I have to have a 3,500 calories deficit to lose 1 pound of fat. That means if I eat 500 calories less or exercise 500 calories more every day for a week, I can lose a pound.

Turns out it’s not as easy to expend 500 calories on the cardio machines as you would think. You know what I mean! You select 20 minute workout on a machine, you run until you feel like you’ve run a marathon at least and you look at the display and it’s only been 55 seconds. Gasp!

1 minute on a treadmill

Well, I’ll tell you right now. The secret’s out. Exercise gets easier the longer you do it. Your muscles stop fighting you and start getting with the program. Your body wants to be stronger. Keep doing what you’re doing to keep that process going.

Seriously though, just keep going. I’m in the middle of week 3 in my new gym workout phase and I am getting into it – doing strength training, choosing machines on the “guy” side of the gym and not caring if anyone looks at me.

You know what I’m talking about. At the gym, you’re more likely to find the ladies on the cardio or ab machines and the men gasping in the weight area. Well, maybe I’m a non-traditionalist but I’m liking the pull-down bar enough to look forward to upper-body workout days.

wonder woman

I can’t wait to start seeing results but I’m already feeling them. It’s getting easier to wake up early so I can eat before the workout. The machines are feeling less intimidating and I’m feeling stronger. I don’t feel like canceling my membership every day. There’s no secret to the workout. Just keep doing it! It’ll all be worth it someday. Until then, celebrate the small accomplishments and try to enjoy the process.

I’ll spare you the details of my workout story because of this picture.

Your workout bores me

But please share your workout tales, especially if it’s funny or inspirational. 


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Me says:

    I was thinking of this just yesterday!! 10 weeks ago I took up running again. It was really hard at first, and finally, it has got a little easier. However, I am not running any faster or longer, I have just stopped putting so much effort in (ooops!). I resolved that at least 1 run a week I would push it really hard 🙂


  2. runwright says:

    Hey Me 🙂 Sorry I didn’t realize I hadn’t replied to your comment. Thanks for sharing. How is the running progressing? It does get easier and as you keep pushing yourself past that new comfort, you’ll get better. Just keep at it! I look forward to hearing great things. Any races on the schedule?


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