It’s Always Election Day

It’s Election Day in NYC and time to make important choices that will affect your future. Watching all these TV ads for the candidates made me think about choices in general. Today is also Transformation Tuesday, a day to reflect on where you want to go and the choices you have to make in order to get there. And that’s an even more important vote.


Waking up early to get ready for a gym workout is not the easiest choice to make everyday but it’s a step towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Choosing water instead of juice isn’t always what you want to do, but it’s a step towards better eating patterns.

Fried foods will always taste better than baked or steamed foods but you know which one is better for you to eat on a regular basis.

Everyday is election day – everyday is a day to choose who you want to be in your future and what habits you want to work today to cultivate.

Go out and vote for your government but then do what you need to do for yourself in order to create the best life you can.

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