Run In The Rain And Love It

I’m not running today but it’s raining outside and it made me think about rainy runs. I’ve done a few of them and they’re not always fun.


Back when I did the MODRUN, I remember I had to slog through a few wet miles and these are the tips I needed back then to run in the rain and love it!


1. Wear a hat and light raincoat of you can. A hoodie will help keep your head dry but a hat with a brim keeps the raindrops out of your eyes or off your glasses. Even better if the cap is made from rainproof material.
2. Save your best running shoes for another day. If you’re a semi-hoarder like me, then chances are you have old running shoes or old sneakers around and doing one or two runs in old shoes won’t damage your stride and you get to save your beautiful, new expensive Mizunos for a better weather day. You’ll have enough to think about on the run without focusing on worrying about what damage is being done to your shoes.
3. Protect the iPhone and leave the Garmin at home. I remember one day I was running and a downpour started and I stopped to take off Nike Watch and stashed in inside my pocket with my phone but it was raining so hard, I put my hand over my pocket to help prevent them from getting soaked. It made for an awkward run. I have an Amphipod fuel belt that has layers to protect my equipment now but it doesn’t fit everything so consider what will fit and carry only the basics. You can always use a rain run as an opportunity to run “on feel” rather than “on time”


4. Even though it can be fun to feel the splash of the water on your legs, while on the run, avoid running in puddles. You never really know what’s underneath and it could be a deeper hole than you imagine.
5. Choose bright, reflective colors to run in and watch out for traffic – vehicles and people. Rain does strange things to visibility in cars and people’s ability to navigate around you. Usually if my glasses get too wet or foggy, I take them off and my distance and depth perception suffers. So if your running towards me, I might not be the best at avoiding bumping into you. So plan to watch out for me and the others like me when you run.
6. When I was a little girl, after we got wet in the rain (that falls frequently in tropical islands like Jamaica), my mom would make sure we took a shower and change into fresh, dry clothes and there was often hot cocoa to look forward to. Nowadays, I don’t skimp on the opportunity to treat myself to a warm shower, dry clothes and a warm cuppa something to drink after the run.
7. Also, it’s probably best to rinse your workout clothes and hang them somewhere to air-dry. If laundry day is a long way away, mildew can set in on damp clothes and ruin other things in your basket.

Even though I’m not running, I treated myself to a mug of hot chocolate when I saw the rain this morning.

Are you running today? And rainy day tips to add? What was the last treat you indulged in?


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  1. Chatter says:

    My biggest tip for rainy day running is that you are going to get wet no matter what you do. If its warm just leave the rain jacket at home. Also, good dry wicking socks work wonders when wet (this comes from months of running through creeks, rivers and snow on trails). Love running in rain and weather!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. runwright says:

      Thanks for the tips, Chatter. So true about those socks. The worst gift you can come away with after a rainy run or hike is blisters on your feet. Those wicking socks are a great idea.
      Be safe out there!


  2. aduross5 says:

    In full disclosure I ma not a runner but the warm cup of cocoa sounds right up my alley! I’d gladly join you for one of those!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. runwright says:

      Do join in. Hot cocoa for everyone! 😉


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