Fab and Not

Not Fab: I don’t know why I always catch a cold when the weather changes so dramatically. I’m too warm for all the cold weather gear but my nose runs as though I’m not dressing warmly enough. Is it weird that I can still go to the gym with just a light fleece and sweats when it’s 40 something weather? (asked while my nose runs and used Kleenex accumulate next to me) Ahhh, that’s not fabulous at all, but I press on.

5 Fab things I really enjoyed this week:

  1. A 3.5 mile run in sunshine. You can’t beat that experience in mid-Nov
  2. The ache in my chest today that tells me I had a good upper body workout yesterday.
  3. Connecting with some new blogs like Foreign SanctuaryHealthy Cravings and Semi-Charmed Kind of Life
  4. Finding a new home for some of the stuff that’s been cluttering my apartment by donating them to charity. Giving feels great!
  5. Homemade meals like …

Apple chunks with nuts and seeds http---runwright.net Chili, cheese and chips = happiness in a bowl http---runwright.net           Sunday dinner http://runwright.net What made you smile this week? What’s upping your smile-potential for the weekend? Share a link in the comments so we can smile along with you.

P.S. check out these links if you need some motivation or some inspiration

Other posts like this on Fitting It All In, September FarmXOXO Rebecca

Eat Right, Live Right, Run Wright on http://runwright.net

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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