41: Who Knew?

George W. Bush is probably more famous for his speech blunders than for anything he ever said right. But it seems he is most eloquent when he speaks about his father.

I wasn’t in the US when G.H.W. Bush was president so maybe that’s why I didn’t know his story, which explains why 41: A Portrait of My Father is such an interesting read for me. But even correcting for the obvious bias there must be when a son writes about his father, President #41 was a great man.

We are not the sum of our possessions George H.W. Bush runwright.net

G.H.W. Bush held a lot of high government and diplomatic positions,he did some impressive things in business, he was a strong athlete and he was a great father and family man – it takes a good father to raise a strong son and the fact that his sons have gone on to be President #43 and state Governors, speaks to the job he’s done in his personal life. Even the son concedes his father isn’t perfect and he points out some of his gaffs – political and personal – but rather than being detracting, it shows him as more personable.

Do not allow defeat to extinguish your dreams George H W Bush runwright.net

I might not have necessarily agreed with his politics all the time but 41 is not a political book. Instead, it talks about Father Bush’s character and strength and emotion and love. And it turns out GHWB wrote thousands of handwritten notes to people he met all over, which is hands down, one of my favorite things about a person.

If you liked the Bush presidencies, or if you didn’t and you’re objective enough to look for what you might have missed previously, this is a great read.

Listen to your conscience George H W Bush runwright.net

I love a good Bush Blooper as much as the next guy and this post would not be complete without mentioning one of his most famous traits. But it turns out George W. Bush is a MUCH better writer than he is orator. Who knew he had 276 pages of pure genius in him? 41: A Portrait of My Father is a true love story, well-written, with pictures.

Story of George H W Bush http://runwright.net

Click here to purchase a copy on Amazon. Full Disclosure: If you click the link to buy from my page, I get a small commission. 

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  1. Suzi says:

    Oh my goodness – the blooper reel you posted is hilarious. I have “41: A Portrait of My Father” on my “to read” list. A side note – the link you posted to purchase the book doesn’t seem to be working.


    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks. Bush Bloopers are timeless comedy. I’ll check out the link issue right now. I look forward to hearing what you think about the book.

      Liked by 1 person

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