What To Eat Before Christmas

How should  you eat before a feast? 

My friend and I joined the gym two months ago and although we don’t go religiously, we both feel like we haven’t been seeing the results we would have liked to this point. And I know diet is to blame. Yes, Thanksgiving was a delicious bust. but a single meal or a single day doesn’t make a person fat. The truth is that we’ve both been having cravings that we can’t shake. Mine is the sugar, still the sugar, everyday, the sugar. The carbs, but specifically, the sugar.

So, although I am very hesitant about using the word detox, I think I need to take a little time away from the regular stuff and just give my body a little break. So I’m trying this 3-day soup plan from Dr. Oz. It’s 3 days of 4 to 6 bowls of soup and nothing else. And soup doesn’t mean broth only – its soup with vegetables and whole grains, but none of the things that usually railroad my meals.

Soup Detox http://runwright.net

So this week, my meal plan includes lots of soup with the detox from Wednesday to Friday. For Wednesday’s meals, I made this simple soup with yellow split peas, quinoa, mushrooms, carrots, vegetables and chicken stock.

Soup detox http://runwright.net

I didn’t make the dessert soup because I just ate the apples instead.

For Thursday, I’ll make another version that’s more tomato and mushroom based. But for now, I’m still working on leftover deliciousness in a bowl.

Soup detox http://runwright.net

More pictures later.


What are you doing today to … Eat Right, Live Right and Run Wright? 😉

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  1. Julia says:

    This is a great idea before all the crazy Christmas eating! I am the same way, sugar and carbs, but mostly sugar are my downfall!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      Thanks. I’m so happy you understand.


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