T Minus Zero : Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and all you love!

I’m loving this day. It’s Christmas morning, I already opened my gifts and I’m heading to the church to help with the Christmas breakfast and then an evening with the family.

I got the most thoughtful, fantastic gift already from Paul – a video montage of my favorite things and people, and T-shirts with some of my favorite quotes.

Information tells and knowledge changes http://runwright.net

I also got this journal to write all my thoughts.

Journal http://runwright.net

So you know I was working on handmade gifts this year but it’s a little of #Christmasfail. At the last minute, I had to cave and buy a few gifts but I had a lot of fun making what I did, I learned some things about myself, and I love giving anything I can.

Christmas gifts http://runwright.net Christmas gifts http://runwright.net

I loved making my own holiday decor – like these wreaths.

Christmas decor http://runwright.net

And because I’m still saving myself for the Christmas dinner, this was my way to healthy snacking on Christmas Eve as I watched Hallmark Christmas movies and thought about the beauty of Christmas.

pre-Christmas snack http://runwright.netI love Christmas. I wish I could spend it with my parents and my brother but maybe I’ll ask that of Santa next year 🙂


Dear Santa http://runwright.netI hope you’re having a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

What’s your favorite part of the holiday? 

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