Girls In Trucks

The road from childhood to adulthood is fraught with experiences that mold you, shape you, enrage you, calm you. But how to recognize those moments while they’re happening? How could you know when you’re standing in the middle of a conversation that it will change your life? What if you knew that this, right now, would be  the memory you will carry forever, in your pocket like a soldier carries a photograph during a war?

How do you resolve your feelings when someone who tortures you, meets a horrific accident? I know you’re angry now but what if you knew the person would die soon anyway. Could you get over your humiliation a little sooner?

As a child, you are surrounded by these people who move from class to class with you and then later, fall out of your life because you move away and no longer have anything in common, or because someone dies.

How do you stay sane through all this? How, when all the people you thought would share your life forever say goodbye, one after another?  How, when the person who calls hates you as much as you do her,  but is bonded to you by social obligations that go back for generations?

Girls In Trucks http://runwright.netSarah is a debutante from Charleston who flees her proper upbringing to spend time with a farmer her father admires. She chooses a life in New York but cannot escape the ties that bind her to the south, like a bungee cord, taunting her with freedom and gradually reeling her back in.

But this book is not just about Sarah. Sure, the experiences are hers but the questions are universal. And if you’ve ever wondered why your adulthood is so different from the life you imagined when you were growing up, if you’ve ever wondered what would have happened if you’d chosen differently, if you’ve ever taken a chance and had your heart broken and weren’t sure you could come out the other side, if you’ve ever thought you loved someone but knew without a doubt that love shouldn’t hurt so, then maybe this book is about you too.

Books http://runwright.netIt’s not a brand new book so it’s discounted on Amazon. Click the link to purchase a copy

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