MODRUN2015 Week 2

I like rain. I like splashing through puddles when I’m wearing waterproof boots. I like how clean the streets are when it rains. I like how rain is an equalizer – everyone is affected. I even like running in the rain… make that drizzle… but the kind of rain that fell yesterday didn’t make for a pleasant run. But it’s week 2 of MODRUN2015 so I decided to do it, put on a raincoat and go out for a quick 2 miles.

It was tough. The rain was blowing on my face on both legs of the run, which resulted in my glasses getting wet, which means that I couldn’t see well.Eventually, I took them off and ran with them in my hand, which meant that my vision was even more compromised. But I kept looking for my reflection when I passed buildings with large windows and glass doors, which is how I stepped on a flagstone that was a little higher than the others and almost hurt my ankle. And I was scared. Because I’ve hurt my ankles before and the recovery was slow and painful.

But at that point, I was four blocks from home and I ran home fast so I could be done with it. Blind-run, near injury, wet-feet aside, I was happy to run my 20 minutes.

And then I got home and stopped my Runkeeper app and saw this!

ZERO miles recorded? Six minutes of activity? What??? I listened to the electronic voice telling me I had logged no miles and I just smiled.

Sometimes, the joy of running has to be enough. I got some physical benefits from being out there. I got some stares from some people on the street who probably looked at me and thought “What’s that crazy person doing running around in the rain?” but I honestly loved the run… even if this selfie I took when I came back in makes me look miserable.


And that was MODRUN2015 Week 2 Day 1

Goals for the upcoming week are:

  1. Run everyday for MODRUN2015
  2. Cut down processed carbs (rice, flour, sugar products) to 1 serving per day.
  3. Write everyday. Working on a project that I need to finish this week.
  4. Tackle an organizing/storage project
  5. Practice French everyday

A few links from my weekend reading:

What are your goals this week? What steps do you have in place to meet them?

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Julia says:

    Wow that is awesome dedication! I hope your ankle is ok!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      It is. I just tested it on a mile run and its fine. Thanks


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