Once Is Not Enough, Part 1

Consistency builds habits and gives others a framework by which to judge us. Our habits form our character traits. The things we do consistently are the things that define us and really show who we are and what we’re capable of. image


Have you ever wondered if there was an express track to fitness? Have you thought maybe you could hit the gym and pump some weights today and get muscular/ripped/toned in time to impress someone tonight or fit perfectly in a dress tomorrow? I have!

Have you ever noticed how a single run up the stairs or down the street or around the park does nothing but leave you feeling tired? You could run an ultra-marathon distance today and lose a little water-weight from sweat and then gain it all back by drinking a few glasses of water to rehydrate. That’s because weight loss doesn’t come from a single workout – it requires consistent effort over a period of time.


A great sentence, even a well-constructed paragraph does not a novel make. It requires days and weeks and months, even years of writing a single story, the same characters involved in the same plot, as you sweat and twitch and fidget and try to stay focused – it requires consistent effort over an extended period of time.


A single knock-out-of-the-park run will get a baseball scout’s attention, but he’ll almost certainly ask you to “Do it again” before he offers a contract. In spite of the hype that an unusual act can generate, every team looks for players with consistent, steady averages.


It’s not the single, extraordinary act of love that makes a good relationship – it is knowing that the person demonstrates caring patience through day-to-day words and actions that wins you over. Most women would prefer small tokens of appreciation daily than a single, over-the-top gesture on Valentine’s Day.

The Planning

I’m working on a plan to accomplish some things in my life. Sporadic healthy meals and single gym visits surrounded by days of eating junk and being inactive will not get me the body I want. Writing a single page per day will take me years to finish a project like a novel, if I don’t get bored with the process and abandon it. That’s the danger of inconsistency. We lose focus and turn our (fleeting) attention to something else.

Consistency and determination are the tools that turn dreams into goals. Tomorrow, I’ll share my framework for doing just that.

What are you prepared to work at consistently in order to achieve? Join me on my journey.

Have a great day!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Julia says:

    Love this, SO true! I have always struggled with consistency, it’s something I’m working on!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Run Wright says:

    That makes two of us, Julia. But from what I hear from other people, we’re not alone. I’m working on a plan though. Hope to have it up tomorrow.


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