If You Don’t Want To, Run

This is what I was writing about a year ago.


I said I would run yesterday but it was hard to actually get out there and do it. The weather app on my phone said it was 37 degrees but it felt much colder than that, perhaps because it’s been so cold lately that every day just feels like a sub-zero day.

I convinced Paul to run with me and we tried a new running path so I didn’t know how long the run would be. I had a 30 min run scheduled in my half-marathon training plan from Coach Jenny so I wanted to keep it around that but I also missed a lot of miles in the past few weeks so I was okay with exceeding the time as long as I wasn’t tired. We ran close to 3 miles in 32 mins plus we stopped in the park to take pics too so we were out for longer. Paul took…

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  1. Kay R. says:

    Great great post! I went over to the original but thought I’d comment here. Even when you don’t feel to, its best to just get out there!


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