Reunion – Book Review

Kate is on a flight home from L.A. when she gets a voicemail message that her father has shot himself in the head at his home in Atlanta. Yet, she makes no plan to go home until her almost-ex-husband meets her at the airport and insists. 

Kate doesn’t see what the big fuss is to go home. That’s strange! But she thinks she’s justified. How?  

  • Maybe because she can’t afford the plane ticket to fly to Atlanta. 
  • Maybe because she doesn’t have many good memories of the father who married four other women after her mother died, and filled his life with lots of other children. 
  • Maybe because she’s ashamed to be living the life she’s been blaming her father for and now that he’s dead, she’s upset at having lost her excuse. 

Whatever the reason, Kate is forced to go home to deal with reality, deal with her siblings – all of them, deal with her step-mothers – all of them, and finally to deal with herself. 

 About the famous line, Love means never having to say you’re sorry, Kate says this:

Being in love means you can hurt the other person all you want. Being in love means having a personal punching bag. That’s why you do it. That’s why you fall in love in the first place – to be the worst you can be and get away with it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

It’s no surprise why Kate is having trouble with her relationships. 


I gave Reunion 3 stars instead of the 4 stars I wanted to, because I feel like the book lacked a little development and some things that were mentioned weren’t fleshed out enough – the novel could have probably benefitted from a couple extra chapters to explain the other characters so they didn’t seem so much a part of the landscape and more an integral part of her family.

But it made a good read and I felt like I could understand some of the decisions Kate made, even if they were clearly the wrong ones. 

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  1. Kay R. says:

    I love a good honest review. Its refreshing – not all books are gold!

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