Uncomfortable Issues

U is for… Uncomfortable issues

Over the weekend, one of the kids in my youth group asked me if I watched the news and I had to say, maybe not often enough but sometimes even that feels like too much. The news doesn’t have a lot of good in it but it’s also not a good idea to bury my head in the sand and pretend the issues discussed in the news don’t exist.

So today, I’m just highlighting a few issues that are in the news that made me wish I could throw the newspaper out and pretend my TV doesn’t work on the news channels.

Issues like this New York Times article: For every 100 black women, there are only 83 black men in society…the result is 1.5 million black men MISSING! 

Issues like this tragic story of immigrants still fleeing for a better life and dying at sea. Up to 900 feared dead

Issues like the fact that a police officer shows restraint and does not shoot a suspect and becomes a breaking news story on CNN. Police Officer says I don’t want to shoot you.

Pretending these things don’t happen isn’t an option. What IS an option is trying to bring a little more goodness to the world. Today is a perfect opportunity to bring a little joy to someone’s life – make someone smile, pray for someone, give a gift, share a laugh or some words of wisdom or pay someone a genuine compliment – whatever your preferred act of kindness, just spread some happiness. I will and I hope you will too.

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