Thinking Out Loud – The Love Edition

I am reading a book about love (see below) that is making me think a lot about love and life and decisions.

The novel, which should just be an easy read, introduced me to the 6 types of love – I always thought there were 3 (agape – godly love, filial – brotherly love and erotic – sexual love) 

Today I found out there are six types of love:

  1. Eros
  2. Ludus
  3. Storge
  4. Pragma
  5. Mania
  6. Agape 

Tomorrow, I’ll share my research on the love types but today, while I ponder what else I don’t know about love, these are the other love things I’m doing: 

I’m Reading:


Listening to (on repeat)  


Editing (a poem I wrote a few nights ago):  

Copyright © 2015, Karen Wright
Indulging my love for running with hill repeats and steps today.  

Wondering which item on the list above encompasses my love for these shoes:  

Source: Pinterest

What (or Who) are you loving most today? 

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  1. Kay R. says:

    Now I want to read that book as well! I learned about the types of love a while ago so this interests me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Wright says:

      I did like the book but it turned out to be kinda so-so. You can read my Goodreads review here I’ll post about the types of love later too.


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